1st time on stage.

It’s 10 in the morning, & I’m supposed to be in school;waiting for a ride,though…still in L.A.

Last night was pretty fun;learned some things. The crowd was pretty hype,& some of my people showed their faces. Although we couldn’t videotape, we got so many still shots,we could make a flip-book. Somehow these girls figured-out that I was only 17; which instead of scaring them away, made ‘em wanna come bother me. haha One of ‘em kissed me on the cheek on the way out. AND OF COURSE, somebody HAD to act hard outside & make a scene; dude closest to us was like: “I don’t HAVE to claim nothin’ I CLAIM ME!” haha It was comedy! ME GANG,all day! Security finally came, & we bounced soon after. Dropped my boy Pickens off at the train station, TRIED to get me into this 21 and over joint(nah, I don’t drink)No bebo no fumo,JUST RHYME! We headed to the store for some snacks & headed here; this undisclosed location…muhuHAHAHA.My back was killin’ me as I fell asleep to Listed’s laughing;my boy was up watching YouTube or something, & was just NOT planning on sleeping. Yo,so I’m gonna go try & wake these cats up again,cause I really gotta get to class. For those of you that showed-up,thanks! (Tina, Ev, BIG Bruce, PICKENS, Kes, Av, Agie, Shauna, Andrew, Javier, Trazelle, Amy & Clo,thanks)

shout-out to True 129 for makin’ it happen & Foci for the connect!