So,I’ve been granted a little time on stage with my boys from 7DAY about a year after I pushed for ‘em to be in a similar position that I’m now in…

It was just last Summer when Foci & I were in his class talking about his group, Ground:Common doing a show @ H.O.B. That was when I brought-up Jay Listed & Diction(7DAY); they ended-up getting a live set @ True 129’s Summer Session.

Mind you,this was before I was at all serious about making music.

The gig was 18-on-up, and at the time, I was only 16…

The day of the show came ’round, and I took the bus all the way from ‘dena to Hollywood. I was stoked to see’em perform, but I wasn’t sure if I’d get in. I found myself thinkin-up and acting on a half-baked plan to gain entry; just “act” like I was supposed to be there;as if I were hittin’ the stage too! haha

I walked down and got in through the entrance near the parking lot. I even helped this dude and his camp carry their equipment in…anything t’get in!

Now look,I’m hitting the stage for the 1st time…@ the House of Blues!

HOW many 17 year-olds do YOU know that can say THAT w/ a straight face?

Yet alone any up-n-comer…

let’s see where this takes us.

*special shout-out to Foci, Diction, Listed, and YOU for the support; for real.