Makin’ moves

This past weekend has been the most productive/tiring & fun time I’ve had in a while.
Friday afternoon I connected w/ a dude by the name of O-phrap who has taken an interest in working w/ me.
Long story short,I got to writing & layed down my vocals last night.
(Sunday)I woke-up at around 5,hit Whole Foods around 7 for water,hopped on the Goldline to the Redline & bussed-it down Sunset.
I was stoked about the show & recording that track...
PLUS, I also had another track t’do w/ Amsterdam producer Full Crate;went well,listen-out for that.
Ended-up missing the last train back to ‘dena, so I was stuck for a minute.
Lucked-out & caught the LAST train back to Hollywood…figured I’d just take the 180 bus home.
By this time,it was ’round midnight.
The bus didn’t come for a minute;no phone to hitch a late ride,NADA! haha -didn’t get home ’til 3.
If school wasn’t late-start on Mondays,I’d be hurtin’ right now.
This is the week of my 1st time on stage;hope most of you supporting me can make it.