When Colin Palmer was a music-loving high school student, his Mac crashed and his aspirations of being a producer were channelled into the written word, and so Colin became Versis. The teen MC found a lane early. Before he was 21, he clocked credits with a wide array of collaborators like Dibia$e, fLako and Mar. Wherever it was going down in Los Angeles, Versis was in the audience, or if he couldn’t get in the club, he was outside soaking up vibes.

After his respectable debut album Illcandescent, the ubiquitous young man slipped under the radar. Versis went quiet for several years before re-emerging, transformed, in 2015 with copeæsthetic, a project much meatier, moodier and introspective than anything previous. Versis wasn’t rapping about rapping as much as he was rapping to himself, questioning himself, demanding more out of a human being who was coming into his own. + Sweeney Kovar for LA Record


recorded at home

mixed by Zeroh  & i; mastered by Swarvy

photography by dana washington

art direction by DeChazier Stokes-Johnson